Younique vs. Maëlle Lawsuit

I am a Maelle Mentor. And I am also an ex Younique Presenter (Green elite status). I love products from both companies.  I also have great friends who work with both companies too.

THE FACTS – Chris Welch the CEO of Maëlle is an ex employee of Younique.  He left Younique to set up his own business – a direct selling cosmetics and skin care company called  Maëlle.  Younique have sued Chris Welch claiming he has used his knowledge of Younique to set up a rival company.   Younique were aiming for a full injunction to stop Maëlle trading fully, essentially to close down a Maelle.  The court ruled the suspension of Chris Welch as CEO, and that Maelle are not allowed to work as a direct selling platform for  five months.


Maelle informed its Mentors on Friday with a company wide email statement and a lovely personal message from Ros Simmons, and have assured all mentors they are trying to work out a way for its Mentors to continue to sell from a different platform, and as far as I am aware top leaders were informed beforehand to begin to help cushion the blow to there teams.


Younique’s Matt Cooley also put out a statement to its Presenters and publicly on Facebook, stating that Younique had won its case in the meantime, however Younique are not finished and are still going for a full injunction and to stop a Maelle trading completely.


Now for my opinion, I love Younique products and most of the presenters I worked with I still talk with every day I have no malice towards them and still use many Younique products.  That being said I do understand from a business point of view why they are doing this BUT I do feel it is a bit of sour grapes.  How dare he leave Younique and go out on his own?!  A bit of a David and Goliath battle, and I hope Younique corp. accept the current decision/punishment and leave it there otherwise they may be seen to be bitter and in my opinion childish.  You can’t eradicate competition.  However I must say it is slightly ironic that a company whose motto is to uplift, empower and validate women is willing to put 7000 woman out of an income.  Again my personal views.


I’ve seen rumours it’s because our comp plans are the same, he stole Younique’s products etc etc.  As a old presenter I can state the products are NOT the same, and anyone who has seen the Maëlle website knows there aren’t any identical products.  The products Maëlle launched with in Oct where completely different to any Younique has – although an eyeshadow pallette is an eyeshadow pallette 😂. Tubing mascara, Wrinkles Away, Secret Illuminator all unlike any Younique products.  The compensation plans are different too e.g. there is no Yellow status for initial commision bump, as well as many other differences and there are pros and cons of both plans!

Basically what people don’t know they make up.

As a Maelle mentor I have worked hard to create a successful work from home business for myself, building my team and my own personal brand – Platinum Pineapple (@platinumpineapple on Facebook) I love pineapples 🍍 and my aim is Platinum status 😂 – so iniatially when I heard the news I was upset, devastated even and worried for the future.

But upon absorbing it fully I’m excited and taking each day as it comes.  Maëlle are working hard behind the scenes to improve and already good compensation plan, and are still manufacturing and developing NEW products so when we do relaunch we will have a FULL RANGE and will be earning more!  I believe what will be will be and know that my business and the other 7000 Maëlle mentors will be stronger after this slight set back!


12 thoughts on “Younique vs. Maëlle Lawsuit

  1. lynnebruce14 says:

    Hey mama, thanks for this. It’s hard to decipher what’s going on. Products are products, people will always have a soft spot for their favourites and go back to them. Hopefully this will all be resolved amicably and you can move on with your Maëlle career, good luck Mama!

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