Applying to study after 10 years out

I LOVED school, stayed on until my sixth year.  Got my place for Aberdeen Uni after fifth year and was ready and excited to go and study Law in 2005.

Off I went and I hated Every. Single. Minute.

I had lots of friends at the time, I was capable of the work, and I was excited. But it was just not for me.  I didn’t make friends, I was lonely, I lost interest in what I was learning and I had a lot going on at home – and had to move out my family home and be classified ‘homeless’.  So eventually I dropped out – not my proudest moment but I wasn’t happy.


I worked at a local supermarket until I settled into another job at a local offshore suppliers as an office assistant – worked full time until I had my daughter in 2012 and then part time after that.

Anyway, I love my daughter, love family life, love being a mum, and if my situation allowed it I would have 10 kids already!  But I don’t want to bring children into this world if I can’t provide for them as much as I would want to and that just isn’t happening on a part- time wage, plus paying childcare on top in this day and age!  The time was right to do something more.

Whilst at school I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I was “urged” in the direction of Law.   Around eight years ago I knew what I wanted to be, then when I was pregnant it became even more obvious I had a calling, a dream, an epiphany – whatever you want to call it, I wanted to be a Midwife.


I’ve always read midwifery related books in my spare time, I find the whole process of pregnancy absolutely incredible and fascinating.  Then when I experienced it for myself it deepened my wonder of how female bodies work to grow a child.  I began studying it in more depth, and looking into how to become a Midwife.

I took the plunge, throwed caution to the wind and applied through UCAS for Sept 2016 intake and promptly received a reply that I was unsuccessful as I had applied after the cut off date.  AHHH disaster.

But now the idea was in my head I patiently awaited the opening date for Sept 2017 intake!  And promptly sent off my application th day applications opened 🙈 And the wait began.


Five months later, I began to see a trinkling of people with invitations to interview on student midwife forums and groups…I had almost given up hope when I finally got an email I couldn’t believe it!  In those five months I had read a lot about how they expect recent study and midwifery experience of some kind – health care work or volunteering – I had none. So frankly I wasn’t’ hopeful. I had even applied and had an interview and been offered a place on a HNC care and Admin course at my local college as a back up plan to get some experience and study under my belt to apply again next year!  I seen there were around eight interview days and I actually seen a couple of University places offered, my negative thoughts were taking over.

So my interview came – two parts group interview first and then individual interview.  I was partnered up with a lovely girl too and I am keeping my fingers crossed she got in!  I did think it went well, but you know that feeling when you just don’t want to get your hopes up as that usually means bad news? That’s how I felt!

Fast forward one week of seeing some offers going out and regularly checking my UCAS track and RGU portal (like every 30 mins), it was there MY OFFER – I HAD A PLACE!


Whoa!!! Cue lots of tears and me and my daughter literally dancing around the living room in our PJ’s! I had a lot of things against me but I had done it, and I’m not ashamed to say I am proud of myself.

It is going to be a very hard 3 years of fulltime study and full time working, all different shifts whilst on placement but I know every second will be worth it.  And the times I will miss Harley means more quality time with her Dad and just means when we are together we will cherish it more – quality over quantity! Ultimately aI am doing this for myself but I am doing this to provide a better life for her too.  I cannot wait to show Harley that if you want something you should go for it, that hard work pays off and that she is capable of anything!