Applying to study after 10 years out

I LOVED school, stayed on until my sixth year.  Got my place for Aberdeen Uni after fifth year and was ready and excited to go and study Law in 2005.

Off I went and I hated Every. Single. Minute.

I had lots of friends at the time, I was capable of the work, and I was excited. But it was just not for me.  I didn’t make friends, I was lonely, I lost interest in what I was learning and I had a lot going on at home – and had to move out my family home and be classified ‘homeless’.  So eventually I dropped out – not my proudest moment but I wasn’t happy.


I worked at a local supermarket until I settled into another job at a local offshore suppliers as an office assistant – worked full time until I had my daughter in 2012 and then part time after that.

Anyway, I love my daughter, love family life, love being a mum, and if my situation allowed it I would have 10 kids already!  But I don’t want to bring children into this world if I can’t provide for them as much as I would want to and that just isn’t happening on a part- time wage, plus paying childcare on top in this day and age!  The time was right to do something more.

Whilst at school I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I was “urged” in the direction of Law.   Around eight years ago I knew what I wanted to be, then when I was pregnant it became even more obvious I had a calling, a dream, an epiphany – whatever you want to call it, I wanted to be a Midwife.


I’ve always read midwifery related books in my spare time, I find the whole process of pregnancy absolutely incredible and fascinating.  Then when I experienced it for myself it deepened my wonder of how female bodies work to grow a child.  I began studying it in more depth, and looking into how to become a Midwife.

I took the plunge, throwed caution to the wind and applied through UCAS for Sept 2016 intake and promptly received a reply that I was unsuccessful as I had applied after the cut off date.  AHHH disaster.

But now the idea was in my head I patiently awaited the opening date for Sept 2017 intake!  And promptly sent off my application th day applications opened 🙈 And the wait began.


Five months later, I began to see a trinkling of people with invitations to interview on student midwife forums and groups…I had almost given up hope when I finally got an email I couldn’t believe it!  In those five months I had read a lot about how they expect recent study and midwifery experience of some kind – health care work or volunteering – I had none. So frankly I wasn’t’ hopeful. I had even applied and had an interview and been offered a place on a HNC care and Admin course at my local college as a back up plan to get some experience and study under my belt to apply again next year!  I seen there were around eight interview days and I actually seen a couple of University places offered, my negative thoughts were taking over.

So my interview came – two parts group interview first and then individual interview.  I was partnered up with a lovely girl too and I am keeping my fingers crossed she got in!  I did think it went well, but you know that feeling when you just don’t want to get your hopes up as that usually means bad news? That’s how I felt!

Fast forward one week of seeing some offers going out and regularly checking my UCAS track and RGU portal (like every 30 mins), it was there MY OFFER – I HAD A PLACE!


Whoa!!! Cue lots of tears and me and my daughter literally dancing around the living room in our PJ’s! I had a lot of things against me but I had done it, and I’m not ashamed to say I am proud of myself.

It is going to be a very hard 3 years of fulltime study and full time working, all different shifts whilst on placement but I know every second will be worth it.  And the times I will miss Harley means more quality time with her Dad and just means when we are together we will cherish it more – quality over quantity! Ultimately aI am doing this for myself but I am doing this to provide a better life for her too.  I cannot wait to show Harley that if you want something you should go for it, that hard work pays off and that she is capable of anything!

Younique vs. Maëlle Lawsuit

I am a Maelle Mentor. And I am also an ex Younique Presenter (Green elite status). I love products from both companies.  I also have great friends who work with both companies too.

THE FACTS – Chris Welch the CEO of Maëlle is an ex employee of Younique.  He left Younique to set up his own business – a direct selling cosmetics and skin care company called  Maëlle.  Younique have sued Chris Welch claiming he has used his knowledge of Younique to set up a rival company.   Younique were aiming for a full injunction to stop Maëlle trading fully, essentially to close down a Maelle.  The court ruled the suspension of Chris Welch as CEO, and that Maelle are not allowed to work as a direct selling platform for  five months.


Maelle informed its Mentors on Friday with a company wide email statement and a lovely personal message from Ros Simmons, and have assured all mentors they are trying to work out a way for its Mentors to continue to sell from a different platform, and as far as I am aware top leaders were informed beforehand to begin to help cushion the blow to there teams.


Younique’s Matt Cooley also put out a statement to its Presenters and publicly on Facebook, stating that Younique had won its case in the meantime, however Younique are not finished and are still going for a full injunction and to stop a Maelle trading completely.


Now for my opinion, I love Younique products and most of the presenters I worked with I still talk with every day I have no malice towards them and still use many Younique products.  That being said I do understand from a business point of view why they are doing this BUT I do feel it is a bit of sour grapes.  How dare he leave Younique and go out on his own?!  A bit of a David and Goliath battle, and I hope Younique corp. accept the current decision/punishment and leave it there otherwise they may be seen to be bitter and in my opinion childish.  You can’t eradicate competition.  However I must say it is slightly ironic that a company whose motto is to uplift, empower and validate women is willing to put 7000 woman out of an income.  Again my personal views.


I’ve seen rumours it’s because our comp plans are the same, he stole Younique’s products etc etc.  As a old presenter I can state the products are NOT the same, and anyone who has seen the Maëlle website knows there aren’t any identical products.  The products Maëlle launched with in Oct where completely different to any Younique has – although an eyeshadow pallette is an eyeshadow pallette 😂. Tubing mascara, Wrinkles Away, Secret Illuminator all unlike any Younique products.  The compensation plans are different too e.g. there is no Yellow status for initial commision bump, as well as many other differences and there are pros and cons of both plans!

Basically what people don’t know they make up.

As a Maelle mentor I have worked hard to create a successful work from home business for myself, building my team and my own personal brand – Platinum Pineapple (@platinumpineapple on Facebook) I love pineapples 🍍 and my aim is Platinum status 😂 – so iniatially when I heard the news I was upset, devastated even and worried for the future.

But upon absorbing it fully I’m excited and taking each day as it comes.  Maëlle are working hard behind the scenes to improve and already good compensation plan, and are still manufacturing and developing NEW products so when we do relaunch we will have a FULL RANGE and will be earning more!  I believe what will be will be and know that my business and the other 7000 Maëlle mentors will be stronger after this slight set back!


School Gate Jungle

Every morning as we walk to school the inevitable dread arises… the anticipation mounts, the nervousness arrives.  Not from my child – but from me!  I left school many moons ago but over the past year as my daughter has began attending early education (posh words for Nursery/Kindergarden) I feel like I am right back in the playground again.

They work in packs.  Clustered around each other in gaggles, theres always a leader though!  A tiger that guides there hunt for prey.  Who licks there lips at the idea of a new one.  They are easy to spot.  The rest are probably clinging to the them in fear of being the next victim as they imagessnhaclb9feel the same as I do!  Who’d have known it would be like this? I had no idea.

When she first started I knew noone – not a soul – I spent 5 months walking her to school.  Through the playground hand in hand, head down as we walked to the door for the younger children.  God forbid the door was still closed because that meant the awkward stand around queuein – do we talk to a newbie? Who is she? What do we know about her?  My daughter and I spent many a morning watching the other mums talk to each other, sometimes a small smile my way but mostly not!  Until I started to meet up with another mum on the walk to school this was how I felt every day.  Every Single Day.

ed29472527c9676a4c5bb7ff5db164e3Don’t get me wrong this isnt all about ‘everyone elses’ fault, I just was not confident enough to walk up to a group of people and join in there conversation.  So instead I stood by myself and had fun with my daughter.  Keeping myself to myself – timid, quiet and shy.  (Here’s me on the left)

It truly is like school again, many small flocks chattering around the walls.  Whilst all the children play together.

Theres the working mums, the dolled up mums, the mums in their PJ’s, the dropoff and run mums, the PTA mums, the gossip mums the list goes on.  Like lions in the jungle they can smell fear. Or at least thats how I felt.  Probably bloody ridiculous, but paranoia at its best.

I’m not sure which category I fit into – probably best I don’t know! But I’d guess somewhere between working mum and PJ’s mum – I’m “holding it together with pritt stick” mum as I juggle a million things.  Or at least I was until I recently lost my job.  Now I am “no make-up, hair scraped into a bobble, eye bag” mum.  I was actually less tired when I was working – how does that work!?

The strange thing is that all the children played together freely and without prejudice still (3 and 4 year olds) – yet the parents are too shy to talk to each other? too rude? obnoxious? ignorant? don’t care? I just don’t know.  That can’t be the world we live in now, can it?  I teach my daughter to look for children in class playing by themselves and to ask them to play.  I’m not an idealist I know she won’t do this everytime but I know that if I instill this into her now, one day it will resonate.

I now try my best to walk in head high and say hello to every person I make eye contact with – despite the fact that I still feel on edge, maybe they are too and just simply know how to disguise there fears better than I.